Joana Bueno (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 1982). Visual Artist, began to study arts at the Visual Arts School of Lage Park. She holds a degree in Arts and Clothing, a postgraduate degree in Arts Education and a master’s degree in Fine Arts at Fine Arts School, Porto University (Porto, Portugal), where she currently lives. The artist works with clothing and worked for five years as Artistic Director in several samba schools in Rio de Janeiro. For her performance in the carnival, she won the best professional award of 2013, in the category of storyteller, for contributing to the creative economy of the state of Rio de Janeiro.

As a visual artist, the body is her device to speak about social issues that affect us, a subject of continuous research that is presented in her works by different media such as video, photography, performance and painting. In 2017, she won the II Biennial Caixa Novos Artistas and is on display at Centro Cultural da Caixa. The exhibition is itinerant and will run for two years in seven Brazilian cities. Joana Bueno participates with the works: “Gift” [Photography] and “The Cut – An intervention in the Body” [Video].